Acute Care

Find professional staff, fast.
YNA provides a comprehensive staffing solution for small, medium and large hospitals across Australia.

YNA has been providing specialist nursing, midwifery, general nursing and support staff to hospitals and facilities since 1970. Our business operates with a 100% local management and operations team, with our management team being the most experienced in Australia with more than 120 years of combined experience in the operation of nursing and health staff agencies.

As one of Australia’s largest privately owned suppliers of healthcare professionals, YNA recruits and places suitably experienced qualified nurses and midwives, with a focus on specialist areas such as emergency, theatre, and critical care. We currently employ more than 5,000 staff across Australia and have been expanding and growing our business each year to build further capacity.

YNA is a preferred supplier to many leading facilities in Australia. We have been successful in providing specialist nurses for sites ranging from large acute hospitals to individual home care consumers.

We recognise that our performance comes down to the quality, experience and availability of our nursing and health staff as well as our service team. Our strength as an organisation stems from our ability to recruit and retain highly experienced nursing and health staff and efficiently and professionally place them with the support and training expected in an evolving industry.

To find out more about how YNA can help your facility, phone 13 10 99 or contact us online.